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Asbestos Bulk Sample
Asbestos Management Survey
Asbestos R&D Survey

Bulk Sampling

Need an Asbestos Test? 

If you have a suspect material (Textured Coating / Corrugated Sheet) that just needs testing then a Bulk Sample might be all you require. A BOHS P402 qualified surveyor will attend site & in accordance with HSG 264 (The Survey Guide) a sample will be taken. The sample will be analysed for asbestos content via the Polarised Light Microscopy (PLM) method & a Material Test Certificate will be issued as part of the report.

Management Survey

Need an Asbestos Survey?

If you need a survey of the entire property which is non-intrusive, then this is the survey you require. This level of survey will inspect all rooms & accessible items, recording all building material data from ceiling to floor. Samples taken or Presumptions made of suspect material where necessary & safe to do so. This level of survey is required on all Non-domestic premises built pre 2000 if you're a Duty Holder & is mainly used via Private Domestic clients when purchasing properties.  



Demolition Survey


Targeted works or Building coming down?

If you have a project that disturbs the fabric of the building or if the building is due for demolition, then this is the level of survey required. This survey can be bespoke for targeted local works such as a new roof or extension or it can be fully intrusive to the entire building if it is due for Demolition.

Asbestos Removal 

Need Asbestos Removal?

If you require Non-licensed Asbestos Removal, Collection & Disposal, please get in touch as we have the appropriate training, insurances, knowledge, & waste carries licence. We are not "Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractors" if you need this service please let us know & we can point you in the right direction.   

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